Recycling and upcycling

From waste to raw material

Recycling Solutions B.V. offers you a solution to the plastic packaging problem and waste separation. It reduces the waste disposal cost, transport, fuel and energy, and thus contributes to the reduction with approximately 15% of CO2- emissions in your country.

The solution is: the RecyclerMachine the most recent kitchen equipment, designed with standard measures that gives you the opportunity to place it built- in of detached. Easy to place in any kitchen, canteen or workshop at companies, households, schools, hospitals, ships, train station and airport. The RecyclerMachine processes packaging materials such as plastic, cardboard, paper, beverage cartons, bottle caps, cans and aluminum packaging. The processing consists in: separation, grinding and storage. This smart solution creates diverse mono-flows of reusable raw materials.

If packaging manufactures use reusable raw materials out of the RecyclerMachine for the production of new plastic packaging we will save of reduce 80% on up to 90% of the energy consumption.

The design of the RecyclerMachine helps physically and cognitively, support users and encourage them to separate garbage efficiently, comfortably and effectively without living your kitchen.

We think that, to a certain extent, we are all responsible for the health of our children and of future generations.


RecyclerMachine in the kitchen

How to place the RecyclerMachine in your built-in kitchen

RecyclerMachine in the utility room

The RecyclerMachine can also be placed independently in your utility room.

Artists impression of the RecyclerMachine

An artists impression of the RecyclerMachine.

An industrial model is also available.