The best place for the Waste Processor is in the kitchen, canteen or workshop.  The device it’s there it close to process the packaging directly after use into valuable raw materials. You scan the recycling code found on the packaging (garbage).
The Waste Processor selects an unit to store the grind packing as raw material and open the loading door. You deposit the packing (garbage) in the Waste Processor and close the loading door, the Waste Processor shreds the packing material.

pkp-container in a kitchen.
The Waste Processor can be installed directly in your kitchen.

The shredded packaging material is stored in a plastic bag in one of the 9 units containing at the Waste Processor to store raw material.
The Waste Processor signals when a unit is full and you open the door and take out the full bag and place an empty bag in the unit and the Waste Processor is ready to be use again.

Benefits for household when using the Waste Processor

  • Because the packaging material is shred immediately, you will need less space in your kitchen to temporarily store it;
  • Additional comfort because the Waste Processor classifies, stores and grind automatically packing material (garbage);
  • By means of the simplicity of the work the householders are going to be stimulated on their garbage an efficient way, comfortable and effective to separate, grind and to turn it into valuable raw material;
  • That way the householders are making an important contribution in reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Improve air quality, improve our environment and residents will be more involved with garbage separation.